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Rating: 3 stars
Location: Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Native
Total Rooms: 15

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About Frendz Resort Boracay

A fun vacation in Boracay need not be equated to an expensive one; Frendz Resort Boracay offers comfortable rooms at affordable resort rates. The resort is located on the inner portion about 2 minutes from the main road and the white beach proper, so guests are not bothered by the noise created by Boracay's night life. The casual atmosphere encourages guests to interact with each other, though they've never met before. Because of this, many tourists meet new friends and create new "frendzships" before leaving Boracay, Philippines.

Frendz Boracay Resort is nestled in a lush tropical garden that adds to the refreshing ambiance of the resort. Both fan-cooled and air-conditioned native-style bungalows are available for guests who what to enjoy their privacy at a very low cost. Dorm rooms are also available (separate for boys and girls), ideal for backpackers who come to Boracay to enjoy everything that the island has to offer before moving on where their feet take them. For bigger groups or families, the Family cottage has 2 spacious bedrooms and its own private porch. Most of the rooms in Frendz Resort are fan-cooled, giving travelers a chance to experience Boracay without spending too much.

Frendz Resort Boracay has been awarded over the years for the quality of service (and affordable rates) it provides. It has been given prestigious awards such as Best Hostel and Hoscar Country Winner. The resort has also been recommended as a budget resort in Boracay by popular trip guides such as Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor.

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