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Rating: 3 stars
Location: Between Station 1 and 2, White Beach, Boracay Island
Resort Style: Filipino and Latin American
Total Rooms: 20

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About Club Ten Beach Resort

Upon arriving at the Club Ten Beach Resort in Boracay, Philippines, guests will be welcomed by columns of brightly-colored houses that infuses the Filipino and Latin American architecture. This alone is already very inviting that makes you want to discover what's inside. Couple this inspiring architecture with accommodating service and comfortable amenities and you will surely come back to Club Ten Resort whenever you're in Boracay.

Club Ten Beach Resort is a breezy 3-minute walk to the main beach proper. Being a non-beachfront resort, guests enjoy tranquility even when the night life is vibrant along the beach line. Each air-conditioned room comes with a ceiling fan, so you can control the temperature when the room gets too cold.

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