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Rating: 4 stars
Location: Boat Station 2, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Contemporary Chic
Total Rooms: 60

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About The Tides Hotel Boracay

Enjoy exceptional service and splendid hotel facilities at The Tides Hotel Boracay. The Tides in Boracay, Philippines prides itself with several awards over the years, including the prestigious Consumers Choice Awards for Most Outstanding Luxury Destination Hotel in 2009. This hotel in Boracay has also been mentioned as one of the "44 Places to Go," as listed by the New York Times in 2009. These awards only prove that The Boracay Tides offers something that others are not able to.

Choose from two kinds of rooms: the Essential Room and the Exceptional Room. Seven creative wall designs are available so each guest has a different experience in every visit, while enjoying the same quality of service. The Essential Room is equivalent to the deluxe room, where basic necessities are provided. The Exceptional Room is much like a junior suite with all its innovative amenities. The main highlight of this room is the floating bath tub in the en-suite minimalist bathroom. This spacious bathroom is equipped with a towel rack and other luxurious fixtures.

Another unique feature of the Boracay Tides is its roof deck. Here, guests can hang out with good company over a sip of cocktail or have a relaxing massage on one of the lounge beds. The hotel's swimming pool can also be found on the roof deck. Guests can enjoy unparalleled views of Boracay Island from the top. At night, vacationers can simply lie down on one of the lounge chairs and gaze in awe of the starry skies.

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