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Rating: 4 stars
Location: Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Native, Oriental
Total Rooms: 15

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About Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort

With just 15 total rooms in the resort, Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort Hotel treats each guest to a personalized care and efficient service. Nigi Nigi Too Hotel is a beachfront hotel in Boracay Station 1. The powdery white sands - probably the finest in the whole stretch of the White Beach - are only a few steps away, and the azure waters are always ready for swimmers.

Nigi Nigi Too's beach bar serves a festive selection of cocktails as well as non-alcoholic beverages to refresh you any time of the day. Delectable Asian as well as international dishes are served fresh daily. The resort also features a therapeutic massage center with a calming view of the sea. With everything that the resort has to offer, Nigi Nigi Too Beach Resort is still considered among the more affordable quality resorts in Boracay.

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