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Rating: 4 stars (AA Resort)
Location: Boat Station 1, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Contemporary
Total Rooms: 21

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About Jony's Beach Resort

Many travelers who have tried staying at Jony's Beach Resort in Boracay, Philippines would say that they had a stress-free vacation and would prefer to stay in the resort whenever they're in Boracay Island. Maybe itís because of the friendly and accommodating service that the Filipinos are known for. Maybe it's because of the comfort of the rooms with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Maybe it's because of the resort's location being near many popular bars and restaurants. Maybe it's the resort's own beachside restaurant that serves Mexican dishes and other Filipino favorites. Whatever the reason may be, Jony's Resort Hotel is here to give each guest a wonderful time in one of the most beautiful beaches around the world: Boracay Island.

Jony's Beach Resort offers many different types of rooms. In particular, Jony's Resort highlights the La Perla Suite and La Concha Suite. The La Perla Suite is designed especially for couples on a honeymoon, as the suite comes with a living area and kitchenette. On the other hand, the La Concha Suite is equipped with a Queen-size bed and a King-sized bed, perfect for families on a holiday. Both the La Perla and La Concha Suites are located on the Penthouse of the hotel and provide a spectacular view of the beach from above.

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