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Rating: 3 stars
Location: Boat Station 2, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Contemporary
Total Rooms: 24

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About Hey! Jude Resort Hotel

Hey! Jude Boracay started out as a bar and bistro, popular among the young crowd because of its hip music and festive cocktails as well as friendly service. Until now, travelers flock to this beachside bar as soon as the sun starts setting and Boracay's night life starts. Seeing the need for more affordable accommodation in Boracay without sacrificing comfort, Hey! Jude Resort Hotel was established.

When on vacation mode on a beautiful island such as Boracay, you don't really just hangout at your hotel. Rather, it is a place where you should be able to get a good, comfortable rest after a day of tiring activities. Hey! Jude Boracay understands exactly this, and provides each guest with the basic necessities at very affordable hotel rates. Not only that, this Boracay hotel also offers free WiFi, in case you need to check emails and such.

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