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Rating: 3 stars (AA Resort)
Location: Boat Station 3, White Beach, Boracay
Resort Style: Tropical, Native
Total Rooms: 10

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About 357 Boracay Resort

357 Boracay Hotel has been receiving local and international awards since the hotel opened its doors to the vacationers of Boracay. Decorations have been meticulously placed to enhance the native theme of the resort. Brightly-colored pillows are added to give each room a more contemporary feel.

The hotels boasts of having the only fully air-conditioned kitchen in Boracay's White Beach. The restaurant's specialty, chili crabs, has been a favorite of both locals and foreigners alike. Other delicious gourmet dishes such as steaks and salads are also prepared according to how you like it.

Basic comforts are provided in each room. These include TV with cable channels, hot and cold showers, and fluffy pillows on soft mattresses. Each of the 10 suites open to a small private veranda, where guests can enjoy a breath of fresh air. For a more extravagant stay in Boracay, try staying at one of the suites or in the Penthouse.

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