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Beach Bumming / White Beach

The main attraction of Boracay Island, the White Beach has been known as one of the finest beaches in the world. Get the natural tan you've been longing for. Walk along the four-kilometer stretch of fine white sands that feels like walking on soft talcum powder. Swim like there's no tomorrow on the clear waters, gather sea shells, or hangout with good friends and a glass of fresh fruit shake. Completely relax on the best part of your trip - bumming at Boracay Island's White Beach.

Go for a Henna tattoo in the form of a fairy or a dragon, for a more unforgettable experience. Locals also offer hair braiding/corn rows.

Scuba Diving

Explore different dive sites that scatter near Boracay Island. Some sites are ideal for beginners while others are perfect for professional divers. These explorations are guided by certified instructors that have explored the island many times, just approach one of the many dive shops that scatter on the beach.

Water Sports

Participate in many island activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, kiteboarding, and many more. If you feel more adventurous, try windsurfing or parasailing. These activities are perfect whether you're with family, friends, or a significant other. Or even when you're by yourself, wanting to meet new friends in Boracay.

Island Hopping

Discover many hidden coves and isolated beaches in nearby islands far from the tourist crowd. See flying fishes and colorful corals along the way. As soon as you step foot on the Boracay beach, boat owners will approach you and offer their island hopping packages, so you need not worry looking for one.

Recreational Sports

Lay back even more through different recreational activities in Boracay such as ATV, tennis, golf, frisbee, and beach volleyball. Participate in events sometimes organized by Boracay beach resorts and hotels and compete in a friendly match against other enthusiasts. Fairways and Bluewater Resort offers an 18-hole golf course that will surely occupy your afternoon.

Massage or Spa

Relax to the fullest by having a massage - offered both by locals walking along the beach and by different resorts in Boracay. For an even more luxurious indulgence, try one of the treats in Boracay's Mandala Spa and Villas, a multi-awarded wellness resort in Boracay recognized all over the world.

Boracay Shopping

Shop for souvenirs or beach needs at D'Mall located in Station 2. You can practically find everything here - beach wear, Boracay shirts, board shorts, exotic batik scarves, salba vida's, sunglasses, and much more. As you go along the way, you might also see small vendors around selling trinkets, local artworks and native accessories.

Boracay Dining

Eat the freshest seafood or try a chicken or pork barbecue. You should try one of the dining venues wherein you get to select the meat (pork or chicken in different marinades) you want to have barbecued. These venues surround the White Beach so you shouldn't have a problem looking for one. Looking for a more familiar place to dine in? Shakey's, Cindy's Burgers, and Starbucks are available near Boat Station 2. Must tries along the beach: Choriburger, dried squid, balut, and crispy crepes.

Partyhopping / Boracay Night Life

In Boracay beach, the fun does not end when the sun is out; the island comes alive at night! Every night, the bars that scatter around Boracay's White Beach hold their own parties and play their own music. Dance with good friends or meet new people on the dance floor and have a blast. If you get tired of one bar, the next one is just a few steps away, so you'll definitely be up all night.

Nature Tripping / Eco-Adventure

Experience more of Boracay through various activities that you can participate in. Boracay is not just about the beaches; the myterious island also offers natural landscapes that are worth seeing. Trekking, hiking, spelunking, biking, and mountain climbing are just some of the non-water activities that can be accomplished on the island.

Boardsailing at Bulabog Beach

While the western side is known for the fine sands of the White Beach, the eastern side of Boracay is a boardsailer's mecca. Over the years, the Bulabog Beach has become popular for boardsailing enthusiasts all over the world, especially from November to March. In fact, the International Funboard Cup is held at Boracay's Bulabog Beach every January.

Kite Flying

Find the right weather conditions coupled with just the right whoosh of the wind and you'll surely see your kite take off in no time - while still enjoying the picturesque Boracay beach view.

Sandcastle Building

The huge sandcastles built by local Boracay folks have been included in many posters and postcards. This attraction is a must when taking pictures on the island (donations are usually accepted if you want a picture with the sandcastle).

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